Eftel Prepaid Broadband :: Eftel Prepaid broadband internet is faster and more reliable than Prepaid Wireless Broadband Internet solutions offered by major companies like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. You can now have ADSL2+ Broadband Internet in your home on a prepaid plan.

Become a Member of Eftel's Prepaid Broadband

  • The initial membership fee is $29.
  • Data blocks are $30 for 10 GB with a 90 day expiry period.
  • Eftel's Prepaid Broadband is available to new customers only. 

What do I need?

  • An active telephone service.
  • An ADSL2+ compatible modem (don't worry if you don't have one, we can provide you with one when you join).

What's next?

  • Put your phone number and your address in the number checker. This will do a simple check on your location and phone number to see if you are able to connect to one of our exchanges that support Prepaid Broadband Internet.
  • Fill in your details (make sure you have a valid email address and mobile phone number so we can provide you with important email and SMS updates).
  • Select your preferred payment method and choose one or more data blocks to start with (you can purchase data blocks whenever you like so if you’re not sure how much you will need, one is enough to get you started).
  • Complete the rest of the application and take the time to become acquainted with your helpful online customer portal - MyPrepaid.

Once you have completed your application

  • You will receive a confirmation email and SMS within a few hours of your order being processed in our system that includes your prepaid username and password.
  • We will send you a notification of the estimated time to complete your order. Processing new connections and transfers typically takes between 3 and 5 business days to complete. So please be patient with us - we know you’re excited. So are we!
  • We will send you a notification once we have received advice that your connection is active, including the details required to access your account for the first time.
  • Enter your username and password into your ADSL2+ modem and away you go!

Recharge - Top-up - Buy more data.

  • Whatever you want to call it, adding more data to your service is easy. We will send you a notification when you get close to using up each block of data so that you have plenty of time to purchase your next block. To purchase more data blocks, simply login to MyPrepaid and order online.
  • You can also take advantage of our Auto-Recharge option. This is a convenient way to keep your data blocks topped up without having to do it yourself. You can choose this option straight away or add it later on.
  • We recommend that you visit MyPrepaid as soon as you have finished becoming a member to see what features are available for managing your account. We think you will have everything you need at your fingertips.
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Eftel Prepaid

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