Eftel Prepaid Broadband :: Eftel Prepaid broadband internet is faster and more reliable than Prepaid Wireless Broadband Internet solutions offered by major companies like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. You can now have ADSL2+ Broadband Internet in your home on a prepaid plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled our most frequently asked questions below to assist you with any queries you may have. If your question is not covered below, please contact us at sales@eftel.com.au.

  • How much for a new modem?
  • How many blocks can I buy at one time?
    • As many as you like.
  • Why is Eftel's Prepaid Broadband better than Mobile Prepaid Broadband?
    • Not only does Eftel Prepaid offer far better value than Mobile Prepaid Broadband, but it also offers superior speeds. You won't find comparably-priced data on any Mobile Prepaid Broadband product in Australia and our DSL2+ network produces higher speeds and stronger reliability than any national mobile broadband network.
  • What is the speed of Eftel's Prepaid Broadband service?
    • This is an ADSL2+ service. Normal ADSL2+ speeds apply. Eftel provides ADSL2+ services with download speeds of up to 20Mbps. Theoretically, ADSL2+ services have a maximum achievable speed of 24576/1024Kbps. The actual speed of your service will depend upon a number of things, such as the distance between your premises and the telephone exchange, the quality of the copper telephone wires in your area, network load and your computer hardware. A complete list of factors affecting actual speed is available at http://www.eftel.com.au/.
  • Where is Eftel's Prepaid Broadband service available?
    • It is available in all of Eftel's active BroadbandNext MSAN exchanges. You can check to see if you are connected to one of our MSANs by entering your number into the prepaid number checker on the right hand side of the Eftel Prepaid Broadband homepage.
  • How much does Eftel's Prepaid Broadband service cost?
    • The initial membership fee is $29 and includes installation of broadband at your premises. Initial data can be purchased in blocks of 10GB for $30. This data block has an expiry of 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • What happens if I don't use all of my data before the end of the expiry period?
    • Unused data expires on the expiry date of each block.
  • What happens when my data block expires?
    • When your data block(s) runs out or expires, you will have 30 days to add a new data block(s) to your account. If you don't add a data block(s) within 30 days, your service will be disconnected.
  • If my service is disconnected, is there a reconnection fee?
    • Yes. To reconnect your broadband service you will need to pay for a new membership.
  • Will different data blocks be released in the future?
    • Yes. Initially we are launching with one data block that we believe will suit many customer's needs. We understand, however, that customer requirements might be different or change over time. Consequently, we expect to have a range of different data blocks to choose from in the future. If you have any suggestions we would be pleased to hear them. Please email your suggestions to marketing@eftel.com.au.
  • How is my data counted?
    • The service only counts your data downloads. Your data uploads are not counted. You can use your data at any time of day - no need to wait until the wee hours of the morning just to use your data.
  • What hardware do I need to get Eftel's Prepaid Broadband?
    • Firstly a computer, it doesn't work with toasters. But seriously, you will need an ADSL2+ compatible modem. You can purchase one from us if you don't have one already. Eftel's ADSL2+ modem pricing.
  • What about Support?
    • Most of what you need is available online at https://myprepaid.eftel.com/. You can view your usage, check your invoices and transaction history and purchase more data. If you can't find what you need you can always call us for assistance.
  • What about email?
    • Eftel's Prepaid Broadband service doesn't include email addresses or web-space. It is simple, no-frills broadband. You can purchase email addresses separately through Eftel's sales department. You can also purchase web hosting if you need web a presence online.
  • What payment methods can I use for Eftel's Prepaid Broadband?
    • Payments can be made by credit card or BPay.
  • How does BPay work for Eftel's Prepaid Broadband?
    • The process is simple. Once you join online, we will provide you with a biller code and reference number. You can use these details to add credit to your Eftel account. To activate your service, you will need to make a minimum payment of the membership fee and at least one data block. You can view the credit on your account at any time at https://myprepaid.eftel.com/. You can purchase data blocks whenever you like as long as your account has enough credit available. Please be aware that BPAY can take up to 3 working days to process so make sure you add credit early to avoid any interruptions when recharging.
  • How does Auto-Recharge work?
    • Auto-Recharge is a convenient and easy way to make sure you never run out of data or that your data block doesn't expire at an inconvenient time. Just choose Auto-Recharge when you join or at any other time via MyPrepaid. We will automatically add a data block to your account when you start to run low. Data blocks are automatically added when there is 7% of your data remaining or when there are 3 days left before expiry.
  • Can I purchase data blocks over the phone?
    • Yes.
  • Can I join over the phone?
    • Not yet. Once you have joined online you will be able to recharge data or turn on Auto-Recharge over the phone. Membership applications will be accepted over the phone in the future.
  • I'm an existing Eftel customer, how do I get Eftel's Prepaid Broadband?
    • At the moment we are unable to process applications for existing customers.
  • How do I lodge a fault for my service?
    • To lodge a fault, please call 1300 550 550 or email mailto:support@eftel.net.au. Please be aware that you must have an active block of data on your account before we can lodge a fault for your service.
  • What is a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) fault and when does it apply?
    • If you report a fault to our support staff and it requires a technician to be sent out to your exchange or premises, an incorrect call-out fee may be charged. This fee is only charged in situations where no fault is detected with the connection up to the network boundary point, which is typically the first socket of the household or the pit or a patch panel (if you live in an apartment block). The standard incorrect callout fee is $149. This fee will automatically be charged to your account if the fault is determined by the technician to fall within the customer premises (ie. internal wiring or a faulty modem). Please note that you will need to make sure any CPE fee is paid prior to being able to add more data to your account.
  • What is classed as Customer Premises Equipment?
    • Customer Premises Equipment is anything which is outside the boundaries of our network, or that of our wholesalers'. A CPE fault refers to a troublesome modem, faulty wiring inside the household, interference from additional devices (such as an unfiltered Foxtel Digital service) or a fault that lies beyond the patch panel or MDF in an apartment complex. In short, it is equipment outside of our ownership or responsibility.
  • When will my data block be activated?
    • Data blocks are activated at the time of purchase, except at the time of your initial membership application. Your first data block will become active once your service has completed activation at our end.
  • What happens to the expiry date of my existing data block if I recharge before it expires?
    • There is no change to the expiry date. This block will continue to be used until it either expires or the data is used. You can track your usage through https://myprepaid.com.au/.
  • Will I receive notification if my service is going to be disconnected if I haven't recharged in time?
    • Yes. We will send you notifications on a regular basis to make sure you are aware of the expiry and potential disconnection of your service. Please make sure you keep your email and mobile phone number up to date as this is how we will send you notifications about your account.
  • Can I change my plan from prepaid to a standard Eftel monthly data plan?
    • Yes. Changing is easy. You can contact our sales team for advice on a monthly plan that would suit your needs.
  • If there is a fault on my line and I am unable to connect is the expiry period extended for my data block?
    • Where the fault is deemed to be an issue with Eftel's equipment or network and the fault is over an extended period of 1 week or more you can apply to have the expiry time extended.
  • Can I still recharge online if I run out of data or my data block expires? 

Yes. If you run out of data or your data expires you will be able to still access myprepaid.eftel.com to recharge for 30 days.


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